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Does laser therapy for veins work?

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Does laser therapy for veins work? Answer: Lasers are actually one of the best treatments we have today to treat venous disease of the legs. The veins are the vessels that are returning the blood to the heart and lungs after oxygen has been removed. So the flow in these vessels is actually against gravity because of that. These veins or vessels rely on tiny leaflets, located 3 to 4 inches up the leg. When these leaflets fail, the blood can pull on the veins, leading to increased pressure on these veins and over extension of the veins. You can then see bulging of the veins as varicose veins. The way we can treat these problems is actually to insert a tiny laser thread into the vein, then we activate the laser as we are moving it to close the vein from the inside. This means that there's no blood loss, this can all be done with just a local injectable anesthetic, and there's no need for hospitalization. These are all outpatient procedures, the patients literally walk in and walk out after the treatment. Sp we think that the laser has been a large advancement in the treatment of varicose disease. It's something that allows the patient to forget all about their veins, and have improvement in their symptoms rapidly.

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