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How are facial veins treated?

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Hello! I'm Dr. Primepares Pal founder and medical director of Minnesota Vein Center. We're located in North Oaks, Minnesota. I am board certified in internal medicine and board certified in venous and lymphatic medicine. I've been in practice for over 20 years. The last 10 years, my practice has been dedicated to the treatment of vein disorders. How are facial veins treated? Facial veins are a common cosmetic concern. Facial veins can either be blue reticular veins occurring over the temple and around the eyes or they can be small threadlike spider veins over the nose and adjacent areas. Facial reticular veins have been treated with excision and cautery and as well as sclerotherapy, but because of potentially unacceptable risks, facial reticular veins have now been treated with certain types of surface lasers. Facial spider veins can also be treated with certain types of surface lasers as well as surface radiofrequency.

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