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How do I keep my blood vessels healthy?

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How do I keep my blood vessels healthy? Well, you keep your blood vessels healthy in the following ways: first, it is important to realize that your blood vessels consist of arteries which bring fresh blood to your legs and veins which drain used blood back out of your legs to your heart, and they are kept healthy in different ways. Arteries are kept healthy in ways that you keep your heart healthy things like, eating right; low cholesterol; low fat diet; exercise; keeping your blood pressure down; if you are diabetic, keeping your blood glucose under control; keeping your weight under control; and exercise. All of the things that we know about for a heart healthy lifestyle will keep your arteries healthy. Now, veins are different than arteries. To keep your veins healthy, remember one thing you can do is when you travel or if you have a job where you stand all day long or you are sitting for long periods of time, you can wear compression stockings, and these could be knee-high compression stockings or thigh-high or even waist-high. Also, keeping the muscles in your legs healthy is a good idea, even if it is just walking. That pumps blood out of your legs back towards your heart.

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