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How do you diagnose venous disease?

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I'm Dr. Martin Franklin, medical director of Vein Associates of Texas. I'm board certified in family medicine for the past 15 years and also certified by the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine. How do you diagnose venous disease? Venous disease is diagnosed first by doing a complete history and physical examination. Once that is complete, a duplex ultrasound scan is required to map veins in both legs. Once we have established venous disease using duplex ultrasound, we then establish a plan of care. This is a conservative trial period which consists of 60-90 days in graded compression stockings. When the patient returns after 90 days of conservative care, we will repeat the duplex ultrasound scan. If the veins are still incompetent we will then devise a plan for closure of the incompetent veins.

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