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How do you treat patients with varicose veins?

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How do you treat patients with varicose veins? The answer depends on the patient. If you've got a 19-year old football player, you don't treat him the same way you treat an 82-year old grandmother. The number one responsibility is to identify what's wrong. And once you identify what's wrong, to fix the underlying problem. So generally, we find out what's wrong, we fix that, and then we deal with the varicose veins, directly if necessary. For the most part, if you remove the underlying cause of venous hypertension, varicose veins will be adequately treated and they'll disappear. If somebody wants to get a really beautiful result quickly, we also have techniques to speed up the process. The key thing to get durability and to get the best possible result is to remove the source of the problem.

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