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How successful is vein ablation?

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How successful is vein ablation? Vein ablation is very successful. Endovenous thermal ablation or using heat to dissolve the vein has success rates greater than 90 percent. Thermal ablation or heat ablation destroys the inside lining of the vein causing it to stick together, seal close and your body dissolves it over time. This is done as an outpatient in the office setting. There is minimal to no discomfort and the patient is back to their normal activity immediately afterwards. There is another type of ablation called chemical ablation. We insert a tiny needle into the vein and inject a sclerosing medicine that causes a chemical reaction on the vein wall and the veins seal shut and your body dissolves it over time. There are different medications and preparations used and there are variable techniques. This is an excellent way of destroying different sized veins both small and large.

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