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Is spider veins treatment permanent?

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Is spider veins treatment permanent? Spider veins are small purple or red appearing veins that typically occur on the legs but may also occur on the face. Sclerotherapy is the best and most common treatment for spider veins. This involves using tiny needles to inject a medication into the veins. Once injected, the medication causes the vein to become inflamed, which prevents blood from filling back into these spider veins. After the inflammation resolves, the veins shrink, collapse on themselves and are absorbed by the body. Many spider veins that are evident on the skin are feed by a feeding reticular vein that is often too deep to see with the naked eye. Evaluating for this feeder vein can be done using several different types of technology, including an infrared light emitting device called a vein viewer. This allows the precise injection of not only the visible spider vein but also the feeder vein, which if left untreated oftentimes lead to recurrence of the spider veins. It is typical for patients to require few treatments to get the best results and many need between two and five treatments depending on how many veins need to be treated. It is also important to remember that the cause of this problem is often genetic and it is very likely you will develop new veins in the future even after successful treatment of spider veins. These new veins can also be treated effectively with sclerotherapy if and when they should appear.

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