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What is one thing you would like people with varicose veins to know?

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What is one thing you would like people with varicose veins to know? What we do here at Sonoma Vein to help people is close abnormal superficial veins. There are three main techniques involved. For the long straight veins, it's a laser ablation. For other veins, it's sclerotherapy, usually guided by ultrasound; or microphlebectomy. All of our treatments are accomplished in less than an hour and our patients do not require sedation, unless desired, and they're able to drive themselves home and get back to a regular exercise routine immediately. Varicose veins cause a lot of stretching and aching and discomfort in the leg and a generalized fatigue. It has been a pleasure of mine for the last eight years to be involved in helping people feel better, with more leg energy and more vitality in general thanks to closing abnormal superficial veins.

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