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What are the treatment options for spider vein removal?

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What are the treatment options for spider vein removal? The first option is surface laser. Although I did that for a year and a half back in the early nineties, we discarded it rather quickly because of how ineffective it was. Most physicians over the past 20 years pretty much agree that it's not a good choice for leg spider veins in particular.

The second method is probably the most popular and, with good reason, the most effective method, and that sclerotherapy or injections in veins. That involves injecting a small amount of different concentrations of solutions into the spider veins and their feeding reticular veins which allow these veins to close and over time shrink and absorb and disappear. This is the most effective method and is usually the method that we start with because it eliminates the feeder veins. If you look along your veins, you'll see little blue-green flat veins that usually feed the smaller, more noticeable purple spider veins, and if you want to get rid of the spider veins, you need to get rid of the ventricular veins as well in most cases.

The third method is called VeinGogh, originally called the VeinWave. That's a newer technology that was in Europe for about 10 or 12 years before we got VeinGogh here about 2 or 3 years ago. That works only on the smallest, finest, little hair like pink spider veins on the legs and elsewhere by emitting a little energy pulse every couple millimeters and the vein disappears literally right in front of your eyes. There's not many of the VeinGogh's around, we were happy to get one several years ago. And it's only useful after you've done your best foundation of sclerotherapy to eliminate the feeder veins and the larger spider veins. So the VeinGogh is good for touch up once you've done your best sclerotherapy foundation.

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