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What can I do after my varicose vein procedure for the best results?

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What can I do after my varicose vein treatment procedure? We tell patients that we want them to resume in normal activities - walking, light exercise, bicycle riding. They can return to work immediately. The only restrictions we put them on is we ask them not to do heavy lifting, heavy exercise like weight lifting or isometric exercises or competitive sports. We also ask them to avoid the hot tub. These things can dilate the veins and open the veins back up after the procedure. Probably, the most important thing is the patients need to wear their compression hose. We ask them if they wear compression hose from ten to fourteen days after the procedure, and the compression hose, I feel like, makes the procedure successful. The end of venous ablation, if it is done correctly, should have a 98 percent success rate. And so, if you avoid the heavy exercise, avoid the heavy lifting, and wear your compression hose, you should have a good result. And otherwise, you should just return to normal activities and go back to work.

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