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What could a skin rash at my ankles mean?

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What could a skin rash at my ankles mean? A rash at the skin or the ankle occurs because of high pressure in the veins at the skin or the ankles. Typically a rash which is a small red rash or brown developing around the ankles occurs because, as the veins fail and allow blood to run down from the chest and abdomen and pelvis through the legs all the way to the ankle, one gets very high pressure in these veins down here. That high pressure will cause blood cells and fluid and proteins to weep through the wall of the veins into the tissues, injuring the tissues. It will cause this rash and inflammatory conditions of the skin all from stasis dermatitis, and then as it gets more severe a brown skin around the ankles, and the stage beyond that if it is not treated is formation of ulcers in the skin, which is very disabling.

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