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What do bulging veins in my legs mean?

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What do bulging veins in my legs mean? Bulging veins in your legs could be normal veins or it could be abnormal varicose veins. The usual way that you can tell, aside from doing some simple tests in the office, is just to observe the veins. And if the vein looks straight and doesn't have any ziggy-zaggy directions that it's taking, and especially if you happen to be rather physically fit and do good exercises, the chances are pretty good that the linear vein you're looking at is probably just normal veins and doesn't necessarily need to be eliminated. However, if the varicose vein has large lumpiness to it and has a zig zag texture in different directions or kind of a wormy appearance to it, then more than likely it's an abnormal vein called a varicose vein. Usually these come from deeper, underlying saphenous veins which are extremely expendable. So varicose veins usually mean that there's a deeper vein that's causing problems. If you don't treat it, it will eventually continue to get worse. Complications that can occur would include phlebitis, or clots in the superficial veins, which could progress to a deep vein thrombosis, a much more serious complication, or just skin irritation, inflammation, or ultimately ulceration if left untreated.

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