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What is ClariVein?

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What is ClariVein? ClariVein is a mechanical, chemical ablation of an insufficient vein. To close a vein the in the past we used to do vein stripping. Then came endovenous laser ablation and radio frequency ablation. Around three years ago, the FDA approved a new treatment called ClariVein. The ClariVein uses a wire to go into the vein, which spins around and through that wire we inject a solution. That closes the vein and seals it shut, riding the patient of their problems. Patients do not have any incisions with the treatment. It is done in the office in about fifteen minutes. It is done with maybe one injection of local anesthetic. They usually have no scarring, no nerve injuries and there is very low risk of complications with the procedure. The biggest risk with ClariVein would be a blood clot. The risk of a blood clot is very low; it is less than one percent. We usually scan patients before the procedure and afterwards. The ClariVein procedure is very safe; we have very little other complications. Patients can go back to work immediately afterwards and resume their normal activities. They do need to wear compression hose, and they do need a follow-up ultrasound usually within a week after the procedure.

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