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What is interventional radiology?

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What is interventional radiology? Interventional radiology is the original surgery without a scalpel. Back in the old days, you could not really see much inside of the body, even after the invention of x-rays. You certainly could not see what was happening inside of an artery. But people developed techniques and the primary technique was you could take a small plastic tube, put it in the artery, squirt some x-ray dye - and now you can see what was happening inside the artery. When interventional radiology grew out of that, people would put therapeutic tips on the catheters, and these catheters could now account for angioplasty, stenting, techniques to block the arteries that were not good for you, and the bottom line is we were able to do surgery on people without actually making an incision. It is an offshoot of radiology but we are more clinicians. We are real doctors. We like patients; we want to take care of them. And we have a variety of techniques based on image guidance that are innovative and permit you to get a therapy that is effective, less invasive and gets you back on your feet much more quickly.

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