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What non-surgical treatments are available for spider veins?

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I'm Dr. Martin Franklin, medical director of Vein Associates of Texas. I'm board certified in family medicine for the past 15 years and also certified by the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine. What non-surgical treatments are available for spider veins? Well a good active life is very helpful as well as wearing graded compression stockings at appropriate times. Spider veins are often the iceberg of what really is lying underneath. If you have symptoms of the spider veins such as aching, dealing, burning, then a complete history and physical and a duplex ultrasound as indication before treating the spider veins. If you don't do this then the spider veins will return and sometimes with a vengeance it will be much worse than they were before you started. If it's not connected to the deeper system, then several modalities are available for cosmetic reasons. Surface laser is effective, sclerotherapy using foam sclerotherapy, or other medications to close the spider veins. Staying active and wearing compression stockings are appropriate times also help prevent and eliminate some of the spider veins that you deal with on a daily basis.

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