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What should I expect after getting sclerotherapy for my veins?

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What should I expect after getting sclerotherapy for my veins? Often, the veins can look worse after initial therapy, the day following injections, and for two to fourteen days or longer depending on how your body heals from bruises. The areas injected will appear mosquito-bitten and bruised. The areas injected may also itch or have some tenderness. These symptoms are signs of inflammation. This inflammation is what occludes and actually causes the disappearance of these veins. Larger veins can feel like a quarter under the skin. This quarter can be tender and that can be felt. Often the vein can feel tight along its course. These are all expected signs. Compression stockings, ice, Tylenol , walking, often relieve these symptoms. There is generally no downtime after sclerotherapy session. It is often done on someone's lunch hour. We often use compression therapy for two to three hours after the session, so, if you are not going straight home, you may want to wear long pants or skirt to cover this after. After the first treatment, you may notice many of the veins have not disappeared. This, too, is normal and does not mean that you are not responding to the therapy.

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