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What will happen if I do not treat varicose veins?

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What will happen if I do not treat varicose veins? Answer: Simply put, veins get worse over time. If it is small veins, they will become numerous and the symptoms associated with them will become worse. In the case of more severe vein problems, a person may notice that their skin gets discolored. It may get a thick, kind of woody hard-feeling; it becomes very fragile, to something as simple as scratching, and that may lead to a leg ulcer, a wound that does not get any better. It can be very disabling and may be very painful. Sometimes a blood clot may appear in a surface vein that might transmit and grow into the veins below the skin and go into the deep veins, causing a blood clot. Those can break off in pieces and go up to the heart and the lungs. It can be very dangerous. Occasionally, sometimes those varicose veins get under such pressure that they can burst open and bleed.

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