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When is phlebectomy used to treat veins?

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When is phlebectomy used to treat veins? Well, first, the definition of phlebectomy is the removal of a vein. This is usually done on the large veins that are right under the surface of the skin. This can be done in the office under local anesthesia and the recovery is very quick. I like to use those on the larger veins. You can treat smaller veins with it but those are also treated by sclerotherapy. The large veins, if you try to treat those by sclerotherapy, you just take a very long time to go away. So, I tend to treat the larger veins with phlebectomy and the smaller veins with sclerotherapy. But, that is after the discussion with the patient, when we discuss the rest of the benefit alternatives that both of those procedures and any other options and then we can make a decision together.

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