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When should I be checked for venous disease?

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When should I be checked for venous disease? Symptoms of varicose veins include throbbing, aching, heaviness in the legs, and of course, veins that you see, the bulging ropy veins, spider veins, the smaller blue reticular veins that we call telangiectasias, and reticular veins or smaller veins that patients will see on their skin. I think if they have these symptoms, they should be checked. Venous disease has been present for a long time. Some patients will have itching in their legs. They will notice skin discoloration around their ankle. If they get a brownish discoloration around their ankle, the skin seems thickened around the ankle. They will have sores around the ankles that are slow to heal. These are indications of a severe venous disease and those patients should be evaluated right away.

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