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Which tests diagnose venous disease?

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Which tests diagnose venous disease? The tests used to diagnose venous disease depend on your physical signs and symptoms. A doctor may just need to do a physical exam on you in the office; it might not need any vascular studies. If vascular studies are needed, usually to diagnose vein disease, we do something called a valvular incompetency study. It is an ultrasound that looks at the valve function in the veins. It looks at the veins and makes sure you do not have any blood clots. It looks at the direction of blood flow in the veins to see if all of the blood is flowing up towards your heart and through the valves in a one way direction or if the valves are leaking and there is backflow or reflux in the veins that is flowing backwards towards your feet. This test is done in the office; it is a noninvasive study; it really does not involve any pain, injections, dyes or contrast or anything like that. It is the same type of procedure done to pregnant woman to look at a baby; it is an ultrasound procedure, except this looks at the veins and how they are functioning, and it determines whether you have venous insufficiency and if the valves in the veins are working correctly or not.

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