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Why do people get spider veins as they age?

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So, why do people get spider veins as they age? So many things can contribute to the formation of spider veins. So, as we age, these effects accumulate and so do the spider veins. The most common cause of spider veins is actually genetics or hereditary. So, someone would actually inherit the propensity to develop them from their parents or their grandparents. Women have spider veins at a much higher incidence than men and that's because of the hormonal influences. So, as women age and they go through their hormonal stages of puberty, pregnancy and menopause, they're going to have an increased likelihood of developing their spider veins. And since hormones are part of the effect, any medications that include hormones like birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy can also contribute. Gravity is another big contributing factor. So, people who sit in a long periods of time or have jobs requiring standing for long periods of time are going to also have more spider veins than usual. And lastly, the medical conditions in veins that can occur under the skin will also put someone at higher risk of developing spider veins.

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