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Why is it important to get varicose veins treatment?

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Why is it important to get varicose vein treatment? The first thing that we must understand with venous disease is that it is a progressive disease; it will get worse with time. It's not gonna get worse next week or next month but over the course of year to year the veins will get worse and in turn your symptoms will get worse. Also people with varicose veins have an increase incident of getting a condition called venous stasis ulceration which is breakdown of the skin and open sores directly related to the veins themselves. By treating your veins when symptoms start to occur we can help prevent venous stasis ulceration from occurring and also improve the symptoms and quality of life that you have. It will make life more enjoyable and the activities that you enjoy every day more enjoyable if you take care of the symptoms and your veins early on.

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